Offshore license

Offshore license

Age minimum
16 ans
Age maximum
99 ans

Who can pass the offshore license?
Anyone 16 years of age or older declared fit to sail and holder of a coastal permit

What does it allow you?
- Day and night navigation
- All distances
- Unlimited motor power

Only theoretical examination lasting 1h30 (no practical test):
- Naval chart navigation
- Tide calculation and various questions

Training session : 4 sessions of 2h30 of theory, then personal follow-up until success (the trainee leaves the training with a multitude of white tests to train at home and the trainer remains at his disposal for any re-explanation if necessary).

Provided by: SRR / ERH



Conditions de réservation

Price : 330 €

Registration form :
- Registration form (to download and fill out): offshore registration form
- Tax stamps (38 € to buy in a tobacconist for example and to stick on the registration form)
- Identity photo in color and recent (in all cases, contrary to what is mentioned on the CERFA offshore registration form )

- Photocopy of identity document (in all cases, contrary to what is mentioned on the CERFA offshore registration form )

- Medical certificate (if your coastal permit is more than 6 months old)
- Original of your Coastal Permit (this one will be destroyed once the examination of the offshore successful and a new license gathering Côtier and Hauturier will be sent to you)
- Training Regulations: checks made out to the ERH
- Membership form ERH (5 € for the year, we remind you that to have access to the different courses you must be a member before the association for the current year).

The complete file must reach us 15 days before the beginning of the training.

Materials: You must purchase your own nautical chart # 9999 which will be used for training and passing the exam (it will then be archived as an exam copy by Maritime Affairs). You also need: a rule Cras, a Code Vagnon (take the last version of the book in question in a nautical shop or on the internet), a criterium with fine mine, a real eraser, a notebook, a pencil, a compass schoolchild, a non-programmable calculator, a rule 40 cm.