Windfoil discovery course

Windfoil discovery course

Discover the sensations of foil!

In recent years, foils have appeared everywhere: under the kites, under the boards and even up to the boats of the Vendée Globe or the America's Cup.

Discover the windfoil discovery course with La Société des Régates Rochelaises.

The windfoil is a foil adapted under a sailboard . It allows you to take off with a very low wind (10 knots) and a smaller rig than traditional board.

Requirements : knowing how to navigate planing on a traditional board

Classes take place over 2h including 1h30 on the water. Your equipment: Bic Techno 148L Kerfoil

You will be supervised by an experienced and qualified instructor-trainer. To facilitate your navigation, it takes you off in zodiac and stays at your side to advise you, guide you to fully enjoy every moment.

Provided by: SRR / ERH

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