Cruise in the archipelago of Belle Ile en Mer - 3 days

Cruise in the archipelago of Belle Ile en Mer - 3 days

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You will embark aboard Intrepid in the port of the former submarine base, next to Eric Tabarly's Pen Duic and the tall sailing boats.

Jean , your professional skipper , welcome you and do a little topo on the safety on board, you will cast off for the route to the archipelago of Belle - Ile which also includes the beautiful and charming islands of Houat and Hoëdic.

The largest of the Ponant Islands , at the southwestern limit of Mor Braz ("the great sea" of Quiberon Bay), Belle-Ile "the well-named", owes its reputation to its eclectic landscapes, cliffs torn with the famous Port Coton Needles, preserved moors and dunes, a generous and fascinating nature crisscrossed with bucolic paths and interspersed with cultivated fields.

The Bellilois, who protect its wealth and resources, make it a place of serenity and an authentic territory of recognized responsible tourism of European interest Natura 2000.

The stopover can be done at the port of the Palace , which is to visit, or the port of Sauzon, more picturesque, or in one of the many moorings offered by the creeks, rias or rips in the cliffs.

The next day, another stop of possible charm will be Houat , the little paradise. Houat remains an island of fishermen that make it very picturesque with their colorful boats at the charming little port of Saint Gildas.

Outside the village, there is a preserved and wild nature since the abandonment of the breeding, whose waters are populated with mussels and wild oysters, cakes, spiders and other lobsters

On the east side , the island is lined with the most beautiful beaches in Europe , with fine golden sand, gently sloping to the turquoise water and with a rare convex beach at its northeastern tip En-Tal.

The coast is very cut out of its western part, is of a breathtaking beauty with including the handle of Tréach Er Béniguet bordered by the islands Guric and Séniz which offers a beautiful anchorage.

The navigation around Houat (Breton Houad: the duck) is made particularly interesting by extensions in pavements of islands to the passages of the Teignouse and the Sisters, often abounding with bars and places.

The happiness of tasting its catch of the day , the evening in the hollow of an anchorage, magic of beauty, surely moored in Saint-Gildas !

The next day we will return to Lorient perhaps along the impressive wild coast of Quiberon or after a tour of the equally surprising island of Groix.

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Conditions de réservation

Boarding conditions and landings:

Boarding at the port of Lorient La Base from 9:00 am

Landing around 17:00 - 18:00

Our cruises include all options included (passenger insurance on board, spinnaker, motorized tender, complete bedding, towels, quality and organic food, full board, consumables, fuels, cleaning)

If, for reasons of weather conditions unfit for safe navigation, the lessee can not use the boat for a number of days in a row longer than half of the total planned rental period, he will be offered a free navigation of an equivalent duration to be performed in the next 12 months.